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It was recently brought to my attention that though I frequently refer to taxes being “stolen money” and being collected “at the point of a gun” I’ve never really explained that reality. My assumption was that this was as self-evident to others as it has always been to myself, but apparently it’s not so self-evident after all. So here you go…

If I approach you on the street and demand money from you would you give it to me? What if I threatened you with a gun? Would it be right for me to insist you give me the money from your wallet? What if I only wanted one third of the money in your wallet? What if I promised you protection and other services in return for the money? Would you consider this theft? I imagine you would. Mugging, robbery, extortion. And you would be right in that assessment.

What if I stopped you on the street and had 10 people agreeing that you should give me the money? Would it still be theft? Of course it would. How about 100 people? 1,000? 10,000? 1,000,000? At what point does it no longer qualify as theft, robbery or extortion? If your answer is “never” then you’re not only a rational human being, but you also agree that taxes are theft, though you may not have realized it.

Because that’s exactly what the govrenment has done. They’ve gathered a large group of people together to assert that they have the right to take one-third (or more) of your money and that you have no choice in the matter. Should you resist, they will shoot you. Don’t believe me? Then it’s time for another example.

If you stop paying property taxes what do you think is going to happen? The government will send you letter after letter demanding “their” money. They may even make a few phone calls or send some bureaucrat by your house to try and collect. If you continue to refuse to hand over your hard earned money they’ll eventually send a police officer, sheriff or other law enforcement officer to your house to evict you.

Notice that gun on the law enforcement officer’s hip? It’s there for a reason. Because if you refuse to leave the property that you paid for with money that you worked for, and still refuse to hand over a share of that hard earned money to the state, then the law enforcement officer is going to try to handcuff you and drag you off of your property. if you continue to resist he’s going to pull that gun and point it at you. If you still refuse to pay their extortion (aka taxes) and still refuse to abandon your little part of the American dream, then the police officers will shoot you. That’s what the gun is there for.

The only difference between a mugger in a dark alley and a law enforcement officer is the amount of money they demand from you (the government wants far more then the mugger) and the number of people backing them up.

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  3. How do you propose the military be funded?

  4. The military should be funded directly by people interested in the service(s) they offer.

    If you’re interested in hiring people to run around the world and fight wars in your name, then wouldn’t you be willing to fund them directly?

    Should I desire someone to help protect my community from invasive foreign powers I would certainly be willing to fund them directly.

    However, the military is not currently doing anything I find worthwhile so why should I be forced to fund them at the barrel of a gun? How is the military threatening to kill me for not paying their salaries any different than a mafioso doing the same thing?

  5. How do anarchists explain the “public goods” argument, and the freerider problem associated with it?

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  7. I’m really sick and tired of ever increasing property taxes. I’d like to avoid paying my property taxes and i’ve heard there is a legal way to do it. I’ll really appreciate if someone can help me with this.

  8. Excuse me, but taxes are authorized by the Constitution. If you don’t like it, there are options–in Somalia, for example, you need pay no taxes, but you must hire an army to drive across town for a beer.

  9. @Thomas Jefferson: Google “Exit Tax” ( http://lmgtfy.com/?q=exit+tax ) and then come back and explain how I’m free to move to Somalia in order to avoid paying taxes to the U.S. Government.

    Slaves have (almost) always been allowed to “buy” their freedom. The slavery commonly called “U.S. citizenship” is no different.

  10. Absolutly spot on with your take on taxes. The biggest defence we have to defend ourselves is to buy gold and silver, grow our own food and live free. The problem with taxes and out of control government is that too many people have allowed it to happen without question

  11. That’s funny I haven’t filed my taxes in over twenty years and no one is kicking in my door with a gun? I must live in a different neighborhood?

  12. I stand corrected. Since some ANONYMOUS poster CLAIMS they haven’t paid taxes for 20 years without repercussions we should all discount the hundreds of stories in the media and government press releases about tax “cheats” being arrested. I’m sorry I wasted your time with my obvious lies.

  13. Who is going to fund inner city schools, hospitals ? Oh, right, we are all angels, surely once taxes are suppressed people will spontaneously help their fellow human beings while not obliged to. You are not advocating anarchy, what you are in fact advocating is plain egoism. But you are not the only one.

  14. Rand » “spontaneously help”? No. Americans are already the most charitable people in the world – http://lmgtfy.com/?q=americans+most+charitable Imagine how much we’d give if we didn’t have a 70% percent tax burden!


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