Apr 112008

Z’s been on a serious lying kick of late. I don’t know how much of it’s just a puberty thing, but it’s really driving me crazy. In fact, we spent about 6 hours yesterday afternoon/evening discussing it (or me lecturing her about it depending on who you ask). She, of course, can’t come up with any coherent reason for all of the lies. Personally I find lying to be one the most distasteful acts a person can perpetrate on another. Not that I’m entirely innocent of the ‘sin’, myself, but I’ve really focused over the last half decade or so on cessation of dishonesty. This was driven by two primary factors:

  1. Wanting to be the best role model I can be for my daughter, and
  2. Someone very close to me repeatedly lying to me about various important subjects.

So, imagine my surprise when earlier this morning I stumbled upon a blog post by Phil B. titled 6 Reasons Why We Lie on his Phil for Humanity blog. I highly recommend you check out his post – it is short and succinct – but his conclusion is essentially-

Despite all the technical reasons why people lie, it all boils down to this:

The fundamental reason why people lie is because it mostly works

And because lying has become more understood in today’s society, lying has become more acceptable. It has sometimes even become an admirable and useful social skill.

It is the second to last sentence that really drives me batty. Not because it’s untrue (I believe it’s accurate), but because of what it says about our society. If lying is acceptable under any circumstances then a reasonable person must suspect it in all cases. And how are we to develop as a society or as individuals when we can’t trust a single word spoken by another?

No wonder so many Americans so willingly turn over the entirety of their lives to mommy government. At this point they probably don’t even trust themselves.

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  1. This brings up the question of why we lie to ourselves – how does that benefit us? In fact, how does it even work? The following link is to an article about this:

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