Apr 112008

Last night Z and I found ourselves discussing our futures. As many of you know, once she turns 18 I’m moving to New Hampshire in order to live amongst liberty lovers and avoid as much government interference in my life as possible. Montana was another option for me to attain that same goal and Z quickly piped up saying that would be much closer to her. Of course, the whole point of waiting until she’s 18 is because then she’ll be free to move (and attend college) wherever she desires. So I started listing off well known colleges and universities nearer to new Hampshire than Montana. Obviously there were quite a few in the Boston area. Given her poor public school education thus far, Z isn’t that familiar with the Boston area, so I did what any modern parent would do: Googled “What To Do In Boston”.

All of this, of course, reminded me of the time I spent in Boston while traveling America many years ago. The city is beautiful in the Spring and has history around every corner: the Boston Common, the JFK Library, King’s Chapel, Old Corner Book Store, Bunker Hill, Paul Revere’s House, and, of course, Old Ironsides – the USS Constitution. I haven’t been back since The Big Dig tore the city apart, but despite the most expensive government debacle in generations I imagine the city is still a sight to see.

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