Apr 082008

While catching up on my favorite talk radio show, Free Talk Live, via podcast I came across the story of David Krouse, liberty lover and Free State Project member. The most succinct retelling of his story can be found at the New Hampshire Free Press

David Krouse of Keene took a stand against theft by government and won. He refused to register his vehicle and refused to pay the ticket resulting from his stand. David came before the Keene District Court, told Justice Burke he was engaging in civil disobedience and that he would not pay any fines. Justice Burke found him guilty, gave him an $83.33 fine, and suspended the whole fine and let David go.

You can also find David’s statement of purpose at the link above the quote. I absolutely agree with its intent as well as the bulk of its content. I’m also exceedingly happy to see any victory for liberty. However, I’m not really sure that’s what this is.

Check out the following video of his courtroom appearance (from Free Keene)-


You should notice near the end that the judge asks the cop/prosecutor about David’s record. He has none. In my experience it’s not at all uncommon for fines or sentences to be suspended on a first offense. Regardless, it was great to hear someone actually call a judge out on the irrationality of his rule.

Still, this was a step that needed to be taken and it has been. While I believe things won’t go nearly as smoothly on David’s next court appearance, I do believe that his victory will make it that much easier for the next person to stand up and refuse to be the state’s piggy bank.

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