Apr 082008

I’ve once again been inundated with advertisements for Orlando, Florida. I wasn’t planning on writing about them but then the folks at Lake Buena Vista Hotels asked that I mention that their Orlando Vista Hotel is the perfect place to stay while attending the 2008 American Urological Association Annual Meeting (being held at the Orlando Convention Center). I first learned of the Orlando Vista Hotel while researching hotels near Disney World. They’re actually located at the entrance to the Downtown Disney® Resort Area and are minutes away from Pleasure Island, House of Blues and Orlando City Walk.

While I won’t be attending the AUA convention, which my friend from Urology Health Solutions, Inc. is attending, I did ask Z if she had any interest in visiting Orlando in the near future.  With her recent trip to Disneyland and our shared obsession with amusement parks (Orlando may have the greatest concentration of theme parks in the world) I expected a pretty strong reaction and was pleasantly surprised to receive a “yeah someday” instead.  Most likely she just sees Orlando as too far away (and thus too expensive) for us to visit in the near future.  Perhaps a summer surprise would be just what the doctor ordered.  Hmmm….

(The title’s an homage to The Rock for those who didn’t get it)

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