Apr 072008

Where were you on July 17, 1955? Me, I wasn’t even a gleam in my then seven-year old mother’s eye. But if I were to somehow be transported back in time there is only one place I would have wanted to be on that fateful day. For that was the day that Walt Disney changed the world by opening what would become the most famous theme park in history: Disneyland. Despite the fact I haven’t really been a fan of “The Happiest Place On Earth” for more than a decade now, there’s no denying that it entirely changed the business model of amusement parks and paved the way for ride fanatics such as myself to receive the thrills we do today.

May 9, 2008 won’t be quite that historic, but it’s still a pretty big day in my book. That’s the date that Hard Rock Park will officially open to the public. Z and I had planned to visit Hard Rock Park as part of a historical roller coaster tour of the East Coast this summer. We thought it would be pretty cool to ride both the newest and oldest coasters in America within a few days of each other. Alas, I had to cancel that trip due to her misbehavior. Still, I’m hoping there’s someway I can visit this new park in its inaugural year. Until I get such details worked out, though at least we’ve got some cool videos of the coasters thanx to modern technology and YouTube-

This is Midnight Rider (which has since been renamed Life in the Fast Lane)
And this is Led Zeppelin – The Ride

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