Mar 262008

The Morgan Hill Downtown Association (MHDA) will present it’s first ever Chalk It Up event on Saturday April 19th in the streets of downtown Morgan Hill.

Essentially, they’re allowing local artists (and anyone else interested) to graffiti up the sidewalks with chalk for the day. It sounds like a lot of fun and should definitely be worth a stroll through the downtown area assuming the weather holds. The work begins at 8am and will remain on “display” until it gets washed or worn away.

If you’re interested in participating the cost ranges from $5 to $40-

16” x 22” space – $5.00
48” x 36” space – $25.00
108” x 60” space – $40.00

You can bring your own chalk or use some provided by the MHDA. If you’re concerned about bringing your kids along or are an artist who likes to push the limits then you might be interested in the following agreement that all aspiring artists must sign-

I understand that as a participant of Chalk It Up that my sidewalk art displayed during the
event is subject to approval by representatives of the MHDA and/or the City of Morgan
Hill. I further understand that these entity’s have the sole right to remove any and all
sidewalk art at their sole discretion, at any time and for any reason. By signing below I
agree to create a sidewalk art display that is acceptable for viewing by all ages.

Personally, i think if I’m going to pay for the right to draw on a public sidewalk I should be free to express myself however I desire, but I won’t be participating as an artist anyway.

Apparently the revenue will simply go towards funding the Morgan Hill Downtown Association rather than supporting some local charity as one might expect.

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