Feb 122008

By definition, yes, PayPerPlay is a scam-

American Heritage Dictionary
n. A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle.

On their website for publishers (GetAudioAds.com) they promise that “Publishers (website owners) will earn revenue on 100% of their traffic…“. This is simply not true. Many publishers are reporting tens of thousands of hits without a single penny earned. Personally, I’ve only earned on less than .001% of my traffic. Their “official” blog (I’ll get to why official is in quotes shortly) actually came out yesterday and admitted that they have no way to live up to that promise-

NetAudioAds can only serve approximately 220 million paid ads per month based on current advertisers. This means that at full throttle only 1 out of every 5 hits (shown in the stats system) will trigger a paid audio ad.


Now we can’t say that website owners will get paid on 100% of their web traffic because we don’t have enough paid ads to cover it all.

And yet, all of their recruiting pages still say that “website owners will get paid on 100% of their web traffic“. In fact, they hired hundreds of bloggers (myself includedtwice) to advertise that claim despite knowing that it was false. The first advertising commission I received from them in cluded the following line-

Our advertisers will buy ad plays on websites for 100% of visitors. You’ll have 100% conversion rate. 108 million sites have joined thus far.

and the second said –

Publishers (website owners) will earn revenue on 100% of their traffic… no clicks necessary!

I could accept this as a mistake except for two things: 1) they’re still spreading this false advertising, and 2) the second offer arrived on February 4th, three days after their official launch and at a time when they were already not living up to that promise.

They also continually state that they are “backed by one of the BIG 5 search engines” though they refuse to state which one, citing contractual obligations that were set to expire 11 days ago. Can you even name the “Big 5 search engines”? I canonly think of 4 I’d call “big”.

About that “official” blog. I assume it’s their official blog because its linked to directly from all of their webpages. But the blog’s author, Charles Heflin, keeps changing his story about whether or not he works for the company. Some days he swears he’s “just like everyone else” and at other times he talks about the inside info of the company as if he’s an employee (using “we”, etc). He also refuses to answer any questions on the “official” blog, instead referring people to the “official” forums (which also aren’t registered to the company. In other words, the company doesn’t communicate with anyone except its “insiders” and counts on them to spread the word. This gives them a perfect cloak of deniability should legal issues ever arrive.

Charles also seems to make up numbers at will. Yesterday he wrote that “at full throttle only 1 out of every 5 hits (shown in the stats system) will trigger a paid audio ad” but the day before he claimed “[t]he NetAudioAds servers are clocking 9,000 hits per second triggered from audio ad code in our distribution network” which works out to 32,400,000 ads being served every hour or 23,328,000,000 or more than 10 times their available ads if we’re to believe Charles.

You’re probably wondering what NetAudioAds and PayPerPlay are doing to even attempt to meet their promise. I certainly was. Well, it turns out they’re a re doing nothing, zero, zilch. Instead, they sent out their pet shill once again-

After discussions with NetAudioAds over the weekend, I have created a plan to fill the void. This plan includes you. You have the opportunity to create your own advertising agency through which to sell audio ads.

In other words, they now expect you to go sell the ads for them. So, let’s see. the publishers are getting the advertisers and serving the ads. What, exactly, is the service that NetAudioAds is providing again? Oh, they’re also going to stop accepting new publishers into the program… on Friday. Why not shut down right away?

All of the above smells like scam in addition to meeting the actual definition of the word. The most common retort to the accusation of NetAudioAds being a scam provided by Charles’ supporters (since he refuses to defend himself) is that it hasn’t cost anyone any money so it can’t be a scam. But these people are overlooking the fact that NetAudioAds (or maybe it’s Charles – the lines are so blurry it’s hard to tell) is charging people $70 to build a “SEO optimized” website to promote the program. This makes the scam smell even worse.

If you’re still reading this, you’re probably wondering why I’m still using NetAudioAds, given the points I raise above. Well, I do believe it’s an innovative concept. And I do believe that it has the potential to be bigger than Adsense… eventually. I have not paid any money into the system and I’ve only included the code on a few pages that get relatively few visitors (less than 1,000 per day combined). If it takes off, I’ll be all set to be part of the next big thing. If it doesn’t I’m out a few weeks of effort. I’ve invested much more and received nothing in return in the past, so it’s worth it to me.

If it’s worth it to you as well, be sure to sign-up before this Friday because that’s when the doors close (assuming Charles and PayPerPlay are telling the truth on that).

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  1. i like your article, by the way what do you do now? you just wait if it true or not?

    bdn’s last blog post..Negative Effect From Giving Our Original Contact Information

  2. I also join this program, i waiting to give me a ad to play.The good think of this is that if you don’t have good traffic you can find someone who have and with your affiliate link you can still earn something.
    Good luck everyone! :mrgreen:

  3. I see that you haven’t updated what’s been going on with NetAudioAds in quite some time on your blog. Anyone who wants an update on all the broken promises and current status of the failed March 1st launch as well as commissions NOT being paid, take a minute and visit http://www.PPPBlogger.com I have been a member since January 2008 and had been actively promoting the program up until a month ago. Once they stopped answering questions about past due commissions and pulled the plug on anyone who dared to question them, I reversed directions and now my goal is to point out their future demise.

    I agree that the concept is good but the company behind it hasn’t got a clue when it comes to creating a ‘real’ business plan. By the time they get their act together, there will be others passing them by with similar programs. What they are using to create their program is all available to anyone. It’s just a matter of piecing various parts togetehr and arriving at the same end point, including their Key2Page idea. I have already seen it duplicated in about four weeks, including the geo-targeting as well.

    Advertisers should be aware that there is a strong possibility that their ads may never be run due to the declining network base and the chance of getting a refund will be slim to none (and Slim already left town).

    PPP Bloggers last blog post..NetAudioAds Ready to Blast Off AGAIN?

  4. @PPP Blogger: Honestly, I’d all but forgotten about them. I placed the code on a few of my least used websites, never saw anything come of it and just left them behind. The code’s s till there, so I suppose I SHOULD have earned some income from them, but it doesn’t sound like it’s worth checking in to.

    I read through your blog, though and may well do another post about PPP soon in order to further warn away publishers in the future. Good stuff.

  5. When I first mentioned them in December that the idea wouldn’t work, they were quick to defend themselves. Though I never outright called them a scam, it seems to show at this point. They were lying from the get-go. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and wished them the best, but I knew it wouldn’t fly. I just never knew they’d be this bad.

  6. Since my last visit here back in September things at NetAudioAds have continued to spiral downward. I was glad to see your blog show up in several keyword searches so that others can be warned before spending time or money promoting this sinking ship.

    It appears that the phones have shut down and therefore there is no way to contact anyone at their Corporate offices in California to ask questions. The PPP Forum was also been ‘cleansed’ of any posts or comments that they didn’t want out on the Internet. When that didn’t seem to work, they decided to make it a private forum. Now, all you can do is ask a question and even if you don’t get a satsfactory answer, the thread is immediately ‘locked’ so the person asking can’t even respond to the answer they receive. Does this make any sense coming from a company that needs transparency due to past failures?

    If you read Charles latest reply to a recent post on my blog, you will see he is in denial that he had anything to do with the problems members are encountering. He continues to say that he was just the messenger, promoting the information he was given. However, like you were able to see long ago, there was ample reason to believe it was all just one big scam. Now, it looks as though he is on the hotseat, still trying to defend everything that he promoted and which still remains out on the Internet as just a lot of fraudulent information.

    Thanks and keep up the good work promoting your blog! We all need to continue to let others know about NetAudioAds, Pay Per Play and all of the players that got thousands of members involved in it.

  7. You can use this NetAudioAds Blocker found at Mozilla https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/9705


  8. KeyAudioAds is the way to go…

  9. Thanks for that little bit of spam. Care to elaborate?

  10. I wasn’t the person adding the KeyAudioAds suggestion but I can tell you several things about them.

    KeyAudioAds was created by several members who were previously with NetAudioAds. They did this because of the false promises, failed attempts, and especially because of the lack of payments to the members by NetAudioAds. The launch on March 1st, 2008 was a big bust, the advertisers they claimed to have never materialized, the big search engine that was going to partner with them never stepped forward, the BPA audit that they said would cause the big advertisers to come forward did nothing to that effect, and the few ads that they did run never put any money in the publishers (members) pockets. On top of that, they ran thousands of SignUpForCards ads and then claimed the advertiser never paid them. Who owned SignUpForCards? None other than the co-founder of NetAudioAds, Mr. Mike Knox!

    So, still feeling as though this audio ads idea could be beneficial to both advertisers and website owners, a group set up their own audio ad delivery system and call it KeyAudioAds. Not only did they get it up and running in a very short time, they have included features that NetAudioAds is still struggling with and even added some additional ones. For example, NetAudioAds failed in their attempt to create a little ‘sticky’ that sits on the monitor that can be clicked on to visit the advertiser’s website as the audio ad is playing. Not only did the KeyAudioAds group solve this problem, the advertisers can now insert a 125×125 graphic showing information, photos, and a link to their website in case the speakers are turned off. This ‘sticky’ remains on the monitor until the audio ad completes playing the audio and then fades away. The best part about KeyAudioAds is that they DO pay out commissions each month when the minimum threshold is reached by a publisher.

    No false promises are being made, the forum is open to the public (not like NAA which privatized theirs due to commission questions being asked that they didn’t want others to see since they refused to answer them), KeyAudioAds pays on three tiers, the back office is better than NAA’s, and the prices charged to the advertisers are only $12.50/1000 audio ads rather than $20/1,000 which is much more attractive to an advertiser. This price also INCLUDES the Key2Press feature which NAA charges even more for (they call theirs Key2Play) as well as geo-targeting ads to specific areas which, again, is an additional charge at NAA.

    Hopefully, this answers some of your questions and it certainly isn’t meant to be ‘spammy’ just comparing apples to ‘rotten’ apples.

  11. Thanx, PPP!

    I did some quick checks on KAA and all at least looks to be legit at this point. It’s been added to my “soon to review” list. Best of luck with the new system!

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