Feb 112008

Several months back I entered a blog contest sponsored by a blog directory with a $500 grand prize and managed to take home the big prize. I was ecstatic and even turned around and shared some of those winnings with you, my loyal readers. Well, Business+Directory is another new online directory and they’re holding a $500 contest of their own. You can see the complete details for the contest over at the Internet Business Blog, but basically all you need to do to enter is write a blog post about the contest (kind of like this one, but in your own words).

If $500 cash isn’t motivation enough for you then how about the runner’s up prize of a BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT OC 512MB PCIe with ThermoIntelligence Graphics Card? Still not enough? Well, then, how about a free site review? Because Business+Directory is offering free reviews for the entire month of February as well!

As the name implies, Business+Directory isn’t just about blogs. Rather, it covers any business related website: from accounting to financial services, from recruiting and staffing to chemical companies, and from textiles to amusement supplies. The directory is brand new (it only has a single site listed as of this writing) but has already managed to get a Google PageRank of 1, so a review there shouldn’t hurt your standings in the Search Engine Result Pages, either.

Besides, how much easier do you want it to be to get $500 deposited into your PayPal account?

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  1. I like it, very nice indeed…

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