Feb 042008

Last week I introduced y’all to Pay Per Play advertising from Net Audio Ads and told y’all that they would start playing ads on Friday, February 1st.  Well, it’s now February 4th and my sites have yet to serve a single ad.  Apparently they’re doing a “slow rollout” of the ads only serving them to some websites immediately and then slowly adding more sites over the next 30-60 days.  There’s no word on what system is being used to determine who gets ads and who doesn’t though.

The good news is that despite serious problems with their stats reporting everything in that department seems to be worked out at this point.  My stats  even seem to be accurately reflecting my page views which is more than I can say for some recent program openings.  So now it’s just a matter of them getting enough ads ready to serve to my pages.

I’m still up in the air on Pay Per Play ads as far as wether or not they’re going to be a long term solution to my revenue needs.   I like the fact that the ads are contextual just like Adsense, but I’m concerned about forcing audio on my visitors.  Overall, they’re still earning a neutral rating, so check them out for yourself.

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  1. Internet Audio by Voice2page and NetAudioAds…Great Idea… So Whats the Problem?

    I have been a user and supporter of voice2page and netaudioads for quite some time now, actually before they came out with Play Per Play. I use the voice2page feature on my site http://www.collectmychecks.com because plain text pages are usually pretty boring and most people have a short attention span. Attention grabber graphics and video are becoming more and more popular and actually seem to be required to try and attract more visitors and hold them for any length of time.

    So the internet audio concept makes perfect sense …ok try this…go turn on your TV and try and watch it with the sound turned off…pretty boring right.

    You have to do something different to hold the visitors attention…why not make it more personable. The netaudioads is a great way to monetize your site and pretty ingenious if you ask me. They seem to have figured out a way to deliver information without competing with overpopulated sites and web page limitations. There is only so much real-estate available on a web page before it becomes too cluttered.

    The big picture appears to be that voice2page is trying to take the internet to the next level of internet communication with endless application possibilities. The facts seemed to be…the search engine giants like it, the advertisers like it, so therefore it will probably become mainstream pretty soon.

    It does not make a whole lot of sense to try and find fault with the concept because it is probably going to be very successful regardless of the knit-pick negative comments.

    Anybody heard whether voice2page is going public anytime soon…I think this would be a good stock buy.

    If you have an opinion regarding what I have said about voice2page please forward your comments to their email box at support@voice2page.com they may be interested in what you think.

  2. Well, since you asked… the problem is that many people find auto-play audio on the websites they visit very intrusive.

    Well, fact that despite numerous assurances that PayPerPlay ads would be monetizing 100% of traffic this isn’t yet occurring. So far I’ve only received ads on roughly 2% of my traffic.

    I’m far from giving up on them, though. I still believe they have potential. It’s just going to take some more time before they get everything worked out.

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