Jan 302008

When Izea first rolled out their new IzeaRanks.com I set myself a goal of moving Philaahzophy into the position of top ranked political blog. While climbing through any ranking system is seldom easy, the fact that they’re regularly underreporting my stats by as much as 50%, and not reporting the stats of the other political blogs at all (despite all the hype about transparency in RealRank), made this all the more difficult. But, I still managed to do it, as the screenshot to the right shows. Unfortunately, that’s not a screenshot from today. Rather it was one taken while I was sick last week. Since then I’ve plummeted to the number 5 slot in the political category (despite having a higher RealRank than the blog in position 4). But that’s okay because now I know exactly what it takes to get to the top of that ladder. I’m also fairly confident I could get Philaahzophy into the Top 100 at IzeaRanks as well if I was willing to devote the time to driving traffic rather than researching and developing my blogs themselves.

Besides, reaching a RealRank of 239 didn’t increase either my traffic or my revenue, so climbing any higher than the top 10% of RealRanked blogs is pretty much a waste of my efforts. After all, I’ve been in the Top 10% of RR since the day it was rolled out and managed to stay in the top 5% even without being online (much less posting new content or promoting) for the 5 days I was sick.

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