Jan 242008

Overstock.com’s “Game O Love” is offering the ultimate in Valentine’s Day prizes – your choice of perfect gift from their huge selection! Yes, in honor of that rascally little Cupid Overtsock.com is waging war on love. There are no more excuses for not getting the absolute perfect gift for your valentine when you can pick from the plethora of jewelry, electronics, furniture, sporting goods, and clothing options available to winners! This contest officially opens tomorrow, but will only run for 18 days (January 25th through February 11th), so head on over and get signed up to play right now. Overstock regularly offers some of the biggest contests on the ‘net and you don’t want to miss out when they begin to wage all out war!

While I’ve been successfully waging my own personal war against love for some time now and thus have no traditional Valentine yet again this year I’m still hoping to win a little something for Z in the Game O Love. I know she’d love to get one of their new computer systems for her room, and of course, one can never go wrong with diamond jewelry. Then again, she has been hoping for a new bed and I haven’t been able to afford one. Hmmm… I think we have a winner! Sign up for Overstock.com’s Valentine’s Day Game today and you could be a winner too!

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