Jan 212008

Last night we converted Z’s website into a WordPress-powered blog named Butterfly Diaries. This happened roughly around 8pm. At 9:02pm she published her first real post directly to the blog: And They’re Off… At 9:44pm she received her very first comment. Actually it was a pingback, but she didn’t even know the difference yet. A splogger over at the bizzarely named Cardgames collection cards grabbed a portion of her post about spending the day at the racetrack.

I’m shocked! This was less than 2 hours after the blog had even been created, less than 45 minutes after the post had been written, and neither the blog nor the post had even made it as far as Google indexing yet! We haven’t even had time to get custom pens made up with her web address. It’s like these guys are telepathic or something. Anyone got any idea how they found the post so quickly?

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