Jan 182008

You know that popup/banner ad with the really annoying smileys that start yapping when you accidentally roll over the ad? Well, a couple of them are pretty cute, but I’d feel sleazy using them because of their annoying ads. Not to mention I don’t trust the company to not drop a trojan or flood me with popups. Well, I’ve finally found a safe alternative!

SweetIM provides smiley’s, emoticons, winkys, sound effects, nudges and more for use over any Instant Messenger, web-based email account, forum, or social networking site all without any spyware, adware, or annoying popups. You don’t even have to register with them! You simply download and install their program and it adds a SweetIM toolbar to your web browser and/or IM window allowing you to click on the smiley you want to instantly insert it into your message. SweetIM is even listed as a safe and trusted program at spyware.net, so you know you can trust ’em to be safe! Their toolbar even comes with SearchAid which is a search tool that automatically identifies misspelled urls and suggests the correct one for you. No more getting spam sites just because you went momentarily dyslexic!

Finally, the market provides a free (and safe) solution tp adding unique and interesting personalization to your messages anywhere and everywhere!

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