Jan 182008

I just spent 38 solid minutes trying to reserve an opp at PayPerPost, only to lose out ion the end. What was taking so long? I kept getting Error 500 pages while trying to get the opp reserved. Meanwhile the PPP forums and blogs were working fine, so I read them while waiting for interminable page loads (only to get the error page, complete with glaring typo – see pic at left) . Reading the blogs was especially aggravating as all the most recent posts deal with all of the improvements and projects Izea and PayPerPost are working on to make things better for their bloggers. Let’s see-

  • Yesterday’s post on the Developer’s Blog, Die Captcha Die, informs us that they’ve successfully replaced the captcha at IzeaRanks.com with challenge questions and are planning on doing it in the (long overdue) SocialSpark as well. Wonderful. I’ve entered a captcha once at IzeaRanks, but hundreds of times at PPP and they’re fixing it at IzeaRanks. Thanks guys!
  • Meanwhile, the Community Blog informs us that Ashley and Glennis have been chatting about Giving Back to charity “not only collectively as an organization but also individually“. Well, isn’t that sweet.
  • The Postie Blog has a two day old post on Product Sampling, which would be wonderful if we could actually interact with the website to reserve the opportunities.
  • And, finally, the Advertiser Blog, you know, the folx who pay the bills so Izea can give back to charity and throw drunken orgies in Las Vegas, is still headed up by a 10 day old post titled SocialSpark Profiles, an IZEA Innovation.

In the last 12 hours my post Getting Screwed By IzeaRanks – Big Time has received over 500 views (though RealRank will probably report less than half of that) so it obviously struck a nerve with the blogosphere. And what’s PayPerPost doing? Fixing non-problems with ittle used captcha’s and finding ways to give away more money. Great, guys, but how about fixing the actual problems with your service!  Yes, I know not everyone can be working on the problems all the time, but some evidence of progress would be wonderful.  Especially from the developers.  Before worrying aboutstreamlining the system, how about actually getting it to work?

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  1. As a former Postie, I admit that in my spare time, I have taken a few glimpses of the latest happenings with PPP. Although I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing any paid blogging in the foreseeable future, I am curious as to how SocialSpark will affect the advertising industry. However, if IzeaRanks is any indication, then I guess that nothing about PPP has changed after all.
    I just looked at the RR for my personal blog, azdana.com, and it shows a weekly average of 4,315. Those results are understandable because I hadn’t blogged for about a month, and I don’t think I’d done a paid post since September or October. I know that the lower the score, the better. I decided to check a few other blogs and I was amazed to see that parts of the PPP blog have statistics comparable to mine:

    posties.izea.com RealRank weekly Average 4,299 (set to private)
    blog.izea.com RealRank weekly Average 4,038 avg daily visitors: 9
    http://posties.izea.com/blog/blogging/index.html All zeroes

    Feel free to check it out for yourself, you may even find that some free blogging platforms display better rankings than izea’s own blogs. I’m kind of tempted to take a few screen shots and post them on my blog, but don’t have the time. If anyone else wants to do so, I would be interested in seeing the results.

    In the back of my mind, I can’t help but wonder, how accurate can RR be if some of the statistics for their very own blog have to be hidden from public view?

  2. Thanks for the post, something to ponder on

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