Jan 172008

IzeaRanks, the new website the folx at PayPerPost have rolled out to present their RealRank system to the world, has been live for about a week now. Unfortunately, its been attacked by much of the blogosphere and is doing little to work against those claims. RealRank was rolled out ahead of schedule as a way to assist PPP bloggers who lost their PageRank as a result of working with PayPerPost. Unfortunately, again, it’s screwing many of us over as well.

Those three screenshots were all just taken at 10:20pm PST on 01/17/08. They show the problems far more eloquently then my words can-

  1. This is a shot of the Top 100 for the Political category at IzeaRanks.com. As you can see, Philaahzophy is currently number 4. I’d like to be higher, of course, but I’m willing to work to get there. However, how am I supposed to work harder than the current #2 political blog? I’ve already got more than 100 times their Average Daily Page Views this Week and forty times their Average Daily Unique Visitors this Week. So I’m getting too much traffic? Since the blogs in the first and third slots have private stats I have no way of knowing what their numbers may be. How is this useful to me as a blogger or to potential advertisers?
  2. This is a shot of my Clicky Web Analytics page showing the number of unique visitors to my site each day (in the column on the left). Because RealRanks haven’t updated to include the 1/17 stats yet, let’s look at those for the 10th to the 16th- 1262 Unique views (or an average of more than 180 per day). I didn’t take a screenshot, but Clicky also reports 2412 page views (or an average of more than 344 per day).
  3. The final shot is of Philaahzophy’s page at IzeaRanks.com. As you can see they’re reporting I have a weekly average of only 82 unique visitors with 205 page views. That’s a pretty dramatic difference! If you look at the chart you’ll see it’s showing less than 150 unique visitors on Friday 1/11 while Clicky is showing 361 that day.

I’ve tried to defend IzeaRanks and encourage people to use it, but this just makes it exceedingly difficult to do so.  The fact that it’s got fewer than 6,000 blogs currently participating despite PayPerPost constantly bragging that there are over 100,000 Posties (many with multiple blogs) pretty much speaks for itself.  If Izea can’t get more than 6% of the people they pay to use the service, how are they ever going to recruit those who are anti-PPP?  Screwing over those who have supported them by signing up for RealRank is just digging their own grave.

  4 Responses to “Getting Screwed By IzeaRanks – Big Time”

  1. Great information. Thanks for the screenshots…they help make your case. I’ve been very curious about IzeaRanks since it was announced. Not signed up yet and not sure I will.

    Coryan’s last blog post..Short Timers: Making The Best of Your Last Days

  2. Welcome, Coryan!

    I’m still hoping this will all work itself out. But I’m also a realist and don’t see it getting much support even from Izea.

    At the moment I see no reason NOT to signup for it, but am not counting on it producing anything worthwhile, either.

  3. Aahz,

    I thought I was the only one who didn’t think it was all that’s it’s cracked up to be.

    Sabrina’s last blog post..Forum spammers

  4. Thanks for the info!

    Lisa’s last blog post..FREEBIE FRIDAY @ TheScrapPrincess Digital Scrapbook Blog

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