Jan 142008

It was almost a month ago that I sent out a cry for help with understanding how to use StumbleUpon effectively. Alas, no help was forthcoming 🙁 Never deterred, I’ve been experimenting and reseaching my proverbial butt off (the real one’s still growing unfortunately). So, I’ve created this basic primer to get y’all started so that others won’t have to put in the work that I have…

StumbleUpon as actually a very simple concept:

  1. Sign up and provide them with some of your interests,
  2. Install the neat little toolbar (available for IE and Firefox),
  3. Begin stumbling (by browsing normally or clicking the “Stumble!” button on the toolbar,
  4. Tell StumbleUpon how you feel about the page it gave you by clicking on the thumbs up “I like it” button or by clicking on the thumbs-down button. This teaches the SU system what content you enjoy.
  5. By stumbling and sharing your finds to other users, you’re personalizing your own experience and the experience of your peers as well.

While surfing, you might find a site that you think would interest other people. The “thumbs up” icon works for all sites, and that is how new sites get into StumbleUpon’s database so they can be served to other users during their stumbling sessions. When you “thumbs up” a page that hasn’t yet been submitted yet, you’ll see a window like the one to the left.

The URL is determined by the page you were viewing and the title is pre-filled, but you can modify the title if you wish and should add a brief description of the page. You can then categorize it into any one of the categories listed and you can tag it with tags that you think would benefit visitors. Once the site is in the system, people will begin stumbling it and traffic to the page should increase dramatically.

Although not designed as a tool for self promotion, StumbleUpon is ready made for such use. I’ll be sharing more tips on promoting your own pages in a future post, but for now just get your account set up, make a few friends (don’t forget to friend me) and start Stumbling around the web.

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  1. Great tutorial! Thanks.

    Karen’s last blog post..Wonderful Book

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