Jan 142008
Part of the Relacore Experiment Series -         

Just over a month ago I wrote about starting a diet pill experiment to test the efficacy of Relacore. As I wrote in the original post-

I’m NOT a fan of pills. Americans are way to dependent on their “medicines” and I’ve been adamantly opposed to taking all drugs (legal and otherwise) most of my life. It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve even been willing to take ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

So I do NOT recommend diet pills (or any other pills) for any one for any reason. In general I believe they simply make our bodies (and our minds) less capable of solving problems ourselves. As an anarchist, this is not a good thing, IMO. However, stuck at 238 pounds and knowing that I wasn’t going to be making any diet or exercise changes in December I decided it was a great time to try a little test and see if Relacore could actually “melt away stress induced belly fat”. What I should have done was measure the distance around my belly, but I didn’t thin kof that. So y’all will have to simply accept my weight and personal observations regarding clothing fit.

I started taking the pills on December 14th and had enough to last until New Year’s eve. I missed a few doses, so they actually lasted until January 4th. Starting at 238 pounds (with about a 1 pound fluctuation up or down each day) I ended on January 5th with a weight of 240 pounds. Yep, gained two pounds during the process. At least it appears that way. I actually simply attribute it to a standard fluctuation. But, still no credit to Relacore. Additionally, my clothing seems to fit exactly as it did before. No tighter, no looser. I also didn’t sleep any better (an implied benefit), though I also didn’t experience any of the side effects listed on the side of the package.

Overall, I can say that Relacore does not give any benefits to me, though I don’t believe it harmed me either. It did cost me $30, but that was worth the price of the experiment. Although I have several other experiments both in progress and lined up for the future, you won’t be seeing any other diet pill experiments for me – unless someone’s interested in sponsoring one, of course 😉

If any of y’all have had an experience with Relacore (or any other diet pills) I’d love to hear about it. Good or bad, just drop a note into the comment section and/or a link back to your blog post should you have one!

Part of the Relacore Experiment Series -        

The Complete Relacore Experiment Series-

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  1. Tried Relacore a year or so ago. Same as you, no benefit at all, except to make my wallet smaller. You should have asked me first. 😉

    I did really well on Atkins back in 99, losing over 70 pounds and keeping it off until I quit smoking on January 1, 2006. In less than a year I’d gained it all back. When I tried to lose with low carb again, it didn’t work. This time, I’m doing a protein shake diet and so far I’ve lost 33 pounds since the end of August. Now I have to figure out how to re-introduce regular food into my diet without gaining. Sigh.

    But I’m old, a mom to 6, a grandma and way past menopause. The body doesn’t respond as it did a decade ago. My goal is to be fit and healthy instead of a size 3. We’ll see how that goes.

    Marisa’s last blog post..Becoming A Star in 2008

  2. Sure, now you tell me! 😛

    As I wrote in the first post I didn’t really have very high hopes. But I figured it was worth the cash to try the experiment. $30 to find out I’ve been right about these things while (obviously) millions of people disagree with me. Well worth it 🙂

  3. I had some bad issues with diet pills once. I think it was almost five years ago. I tried something called Beta Lean. Did the whole bottle and didn’t have any results. 2 years ago I tried the super awsome advertised Hydroxcut. Did nothing. Both brands of pill just made me pee alot and didn’t lose any fat. Finally what I did to lose the weight was to do strength training and just eating less. I actually measured out my food portions and stuff. Never had any luck with pills.

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