Jan 142008

My boss finally hired someone else to help me with my roommates/clients! huzzah! Not only does this mean that I won’t be working 7 days a week as I have been since last August, but it also means there’s someone else in the house a couple days a week on a regular schedule. Since he’s an old friend of mine, that means: poker night is back!

Of course that also means I need to go shopping for Poker Tables so we can play in style. Luckily I was recently introduced to Buy Poker Tables Online which is exactly what it sounds like: a dedicated poker table and gaming supply store. We’re not talking about flimsy, folding legs, plastic rack poker tables here, but high quality tables of Birch, Cherry, Oak and Maple. All with matching game chairs as well.

Best of all, they even have a selection of Texas Hold’em tables specifically designed for today’s hottest style of poker. I’ve still got to consult with my primary opponent and compatriot over which investment we want to make, but it will sure be sweet to be able to play on a quality table while losing what’s left of my meager budget each week.

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