Jan 142008

I’ve mentioned Associated Content before here at Philaahzophy, though I still need to do a full review on them. They’re a site that pays you to provide articles and I primarily use them as an additional source of revenue from my blog posts. In addition to re-publishing material they offer users the option of submitting exclusive content. I always assumed that exclusive content would receive a larger upfront payment, but never had anything I was willing to write for them without publishing here as well.

A couple weeks back Z and I had breakfast at Stubby’s Sports Bar in Gilroy and I wrote up a little review. The review wasn’t great or anything and the primary reason I write Philaahzophy is for Z (who was there, of course), so I went ahead and submitted it to Associate Content for their exclusive use. A few days later I received my upfront payment offer: $3.65. Considering all of my non-exclusive content has received offers of $3.35-$5.00 this wasn’t worth giving it to them exclusively, so I went ahead and rejected the offer, posted it here, and resubmitted as non-exclusive. I just received their new offer: $3.46.

Neither offer is particularly bad nor particularly great, but I gladly accepted the second one. So now I’m both $3.46 wealthier and a little wiser. Surelya worthwhile experiment, but not something that requires repeating. At least not for something like a local restaurant review. Maybe if I’m writing about truck accessories for Rover or something else with a more universal appeal I’ll give it another try in the future.

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