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Last Tuesday my web hosting company sent an email to notify me that on Friday they would be rebooting the server my sites reside on. As a result my sites would be unavailable for approximately 3 minutes at 9pm PST Friday evening. A minor irritant, but a frequently necessary one, and understandable, IMO. Three minutes of downtime on a Friday evening isn’t generally a big deal as that’s one of the slowest times for my sites (and, I believe, the internet in general).

However, at 9:08pm on Friday I received the following email-

Dear Aahz,

We are currently facing an issue with MySQL databases after our reboot.

Please bear with us as we are currently working on the issue.

The Management
Top Hosting Center

Okay, this is very much not good. Blogs are entirely database driven, so no SQL means no blog. Given that I’ve been working really hard at building traffic at Philahzophy and had my record traffic day on Friday this was personally incredibly aggravating. Especially because the SQL server (and thus my sites) didn’t go back online until 10am Saturday morning.

At 10am Saturday morning I was at Z’s house helping her clean her room. And I couldn’t remember my ftp password so couldn’t remove the ugly temp page I had posted to inform any readers passingby. Luckily, Top Hosting Center does have 24/7 chat support and I was able to authenticate myself to them and have them move that temp page for me.

Like most webhosts, Top Hosting Center has a 99.9% uptime guarantee-

THC guarantees network uptime of 99.9% of the time, excluding scheduled maintenance. In the event any customer experiences anything less than what is promised, a credit will be added to the clients’ account upon their request.

I haven’t asked for a credit because I understand that these things happen and my losses were minimal. Besides under their Rudolph plan I only had to make a single $95 payment for a lifetime of webhosting with all the bells and whistles. And, they’ve given great support down the line as I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

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  1. Database connectivity issue just came unexpected right after we applied security patches and rebooted the server. An emergency was declared in the office and our tech staffs immediately responded — took hours of analyses and tests until we resolved the problem. We were surprised when we realized how many cups of coffee we consumed.

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