Jan 072008

As I toiled away in front of a hot computer this afternoon a knock came knocking on my door. I opened it to a very unusual character…

It seems Señor Doo has come to America in search of his long lost cousin, Scooby. This is because his cousin runs with a gang of mystery solving kids and a chupacabra is threatening Señor Doo’s home village of Oaxaca. Unfortunately, Señor Doo has no calling card with which to call home so he is knocking on doors trying to find someone to allow him to use their phone.

Lucky for him he knocked on Philaahzophy’s door and learned all about MobileTalk from Packet8 which will allow him to call home to Mexico for only $0.03 per minute! In fact, if he has other relatives in Australia, China or France all of those relatives can be called for the same low price. No calling card is required, there’s no connection fees, and no hot spot is necessary either.

I knew people would find this story hard to believe as people often find it difficult to believe my tales at times. That’s why I now keep a video camera next to my front door! So you can see Señor Doo And The Mystery Of international calling for yourself-

  7 Responses to “Señor Doo And The Mystery Of International Calling”

  1. LOL! That’s really funny!

  2. Hahaha… I was laughing before I even started watching the video! Good one 🙂

    (I don’t see the packet8 video bumper at the start though… perhaps it’s my computer not playing it properly…)

  3. Thanx Heather,

    It zips by pretty quick, but it plays every time I play the video.

  4. There are maybe 30 people that don’t work for Google that agree with you. There are about 300,000 that agree with me. I am guessing that you didn’t have your Page Rank abitrarily reduced or you might feel differently.

  5. Um, what, exactly, do Google and Page Rank have to do with Señor Doo’s plight to save his village? Or with MobileTalk and Packet8?

  6. Thanks the author!

  7. Thank you, FloaklyLayera!

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