Jan 052008

I came across this article while searching for information on North Carolina’s Outer Banks region and am passing it along (untouched) in hopes you’ll find it as humorous as I did-

The Town of Duck has named Lieutenant Phillip Ferguson as its new chief of police.

At a ceremony held on Friday, Dec. 21, Duck Town Manager Christopher J. Layton administered the oath of office to Ferguson. Sandy Ferguson, the chief’s wife, pinned on his new badge while their daughter, Piper, and his mother, Anita Ferguson, looked on. Also in attendance were members of Duck’s town council, staff members, and friends.

Ferguson has been with the Duck Police Department since its inception, being the first police officer hired by the town in April, 2003. He was promoted to the position of assistant chief of police at the rank of lieutenant in June 2005. Most recently, he has served the town as interim chief of police.

Ferguson holds a North Carolina Justice Academy Criminal Investigator’s Certificate, a North Carolina Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate with over 2,400 hours of training, and is a member of the Fraternal Order of Police and the National Bloodhound Association.

He first became involved with tracking bloodhounds nearly 23 years ago with The Kentucky Bloodhound Search and Rescue Association. Ferguson is currently training and working with his partner, Morse, who whelped Dec. 7, 2000 and is an AKC registered male bloodhound. The bloodhound tracks by an individual’s scent to find lost persons and apprehend criminals.

As if that wasn’t enough, I believe Duck is located in Dare County, and Chief Ferguson “began his law enforcement career with the Kill Devil Hills Police Department.” I just love the South sometimes…

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  1. That couldn’t have been written any better. I wonder what the big problem in Duck is?

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