Jan 042008

According to Reuters, a japanese firm has taken the concept of Universal Health Care to its logical conclusion-

TOKYO (Reuters) – Hoping to send the message that pets are life-long partners not disposable accessories, a Japanese maker of medicines for animals has begun giving employees who own dogs or cats a monthly “family allowance” for their pets.

The number of pets in Japan has grown with greater affluence and a falling birth rate and there are now more pet cats and dogs than children under age 15, but about 310,000 cats and dogs are put down annually, said Tokyo-based Kyoritsu Seiyaku Corp.

“Everyone has the right to own a pet, but they also have the obligation to raise the pet for its whole life,” the company said, explaining why it had decided to offer employees who own dogs and cats a “family allowance” of 1,000 yen ($9) per month.

“In the future, it is our dream that this system will spread not just in the pet business but to other Japanese firms,” the company said in a statement.

Kyoritsu Seiyaku does not yet allow its employees to take paid leave to grieve when their pets pass away, as does one Japanese pet food maker, but may do so eventually.

“For now, we have introduced only the allowances, but we want to consider the condolence holiday system in future,” a company spokeswoman said.

Or, perhaps, this isn’t the logical conclusion at all. Perhaps the theory will go much further. After all, PETS already insists animals have the same rights as people. Why shouldn’t they be entitled to full veterinary benefits? Next thing you know they’ll have special gym memberships for dogs and cats to keep them healthy. Little pet sized stair masters and treadmills. Any Hillary Clinton supporters out there want to field this one?

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  1. Wow… great post, thank you!!!

  2. Makes sense people buy pets and then get bored.

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