Jan 042008

Blogging about personal finance, and poverty in particular, I read a lot of press releases about credit opportunities for people with poor credit. So, imagine my surprise when I opened a browser window to find the headline: Average Credit Credit Cards. Although I haven’t achieved the leap from “poor credit” to “average credit” yet, hopefully some of you dear readers have done so. Well, now you know there’s no reason to abandon Philaahzophy as a result. ‘Cause we’ve got info for you lucky folx as well!

CreditCardSearchEngine.com still has the cards you need, even if your FICO score has found its way above the 600 mark. Yep, the same place I recommended for bad credit is the place I’m recommending for average credit as well. Heck, they even have entire sections devoted to those with high credit, which is a place I can only dream of visiting at some distant date. in other words, when it comes to credit cards, CreditCardSearchEngine has pretty much anything you could ever need.

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