Jan 042008

Its poring rain here in Northern California and has been for more than 24 hours with roughly 72 hours left in the storm according to the weather reports. It seems our first real rain of the winter is actually strong enough and heavy enough to make the national news. ::sigh:: This is not why I live in California. And, to top it all off, there’s no food in the house, which means I have ot go out into this brutish weather just to get some chow. ::sigh::

I should have taken myself a little Cancun holiday and avoided this whole mess. Karisma Hotels offers gourmet inclusive vacations that are not only built around the best in gastronomical delights, but are in the beautiful Riviera Maya region. Now there’s someplace I wouldn’t mind getting wet. In fact, their Hidden Beach Resort has a river winding through it to provide what they call “swim up villas”. Instead of walking the property you can swim it! That sounds truly glorious. Especially since I’m about to wade through the very unnatural river that is in the parking lot just to get to my car.

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