Jan 032008

New Year’s Eve is one of the most common nights for wedding proposals. Not too surprising when one considers the weight we as Americans put on new year’s resolutions, changing with the calendar, etc. frankly, I’ve never been a big adherent to the theory that a new digit at the end of the date means its time to change my life, but clearly I’m in the minority as wedding and engagement announcements seem to be poring into my email box over the last few days. I’ve got two words for all those planning a wedding in 2008: Wedding Channel.

I’ve written about them before here at Philaahzophy and I’ll likely write about them again as they are, hands down, the best Wedding Website on the ‘net. With more than 10 years experience as online wedding planners, they’re about as experienced as you can find. If you are amongst those who received (or issued) a New Year’s Eve proposal then the time to check in with WeddingChannel.com is now.  They can help with every single step, starting with your engagement announcements.  And they’ll stay with you al lthe way through your honeymoon and sending out your thank you gifts after your return.

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