Jan 032008

The first actual contest in the Presidential race has just about concluded. The Republican results are rather predictable with 85% of precincts reporting-

  1. Mike Huckabee – 34%
  2. Mitt Romney – 25%
  3. Fred Thompson -14%
  4. John McCain – 13%
  5. Ron Paul – 10%
  6. Rudy Giuliani – 4%
  7. Duncan Hunter – 0%

The Democratic side, however, was shocking (at least to me) with 97% of precincts reporting-

  1. Barack Obama – 38%
  2. John Edwards – 30%
  3. Hillary Clinton – 29%
  4. Richardson – 2%
  5. Joe Biden – 1%
  6. Chris Dodd – 0%
  7. Mike Gravel -0%
  8. Dennis Kucinich – 0%

There’s still a possibility Hillary will end up in 2nd place as the margin is fairly narrow, and Thompson and McCain may well change places as well. But I think Obama is the only real news story here. According to entrance polls he was receiving more than 50% of the votes under the age of 30 and actually appealed to a larger portion of women then Clinton. Even more surprising is that Iowa Caucus goers are overwhelmingly white at 93% with only 4% of them being black. And Obama still dominated. That’s pretty impressive, although I suppose Tiger Woods and all those Nike golf clubs ads have moved the country pretty far along the road of acceptance since Jesse Jackson ran back in the day.

Huckabee’s victory isn’t too surprising considering the high population of “born again” evangelicals in Iowa. Less religious people were only a tiny portion of his support and that’s going to hurt across the rest of the country.

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  1. Many of his individual pinots make sense- yet the story he tells isn’t the truth because he’s left out the most salient piece of the puzzle. That is the fact that big government big business are not at odds with one another- they ARE one another. Both parties. Not metaphorically, LITERALLY. The Corporate coup is so fully accomplished that it’s almost irreversible. Libertarians like Paul miss (or intentionally ignore) this most important fact.Electoral politics? will resolve nothing

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