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Okay, I know all of the Presidential candidates are mighty busy with less than 24 hours before the Iowa Caucus, and my opinions on the television writer’s strike have been made pretty clear, but can the so-called leading Republican candidate really be this oblivious-

NEW YORK (AP) — The return of TV’s late-night funnymen after a two-month strike hiatus turned into a bizarre mix of picketing and presidential politics Wednesday as Mike Huckabee headed for Jay Leno’s show and Hillary Clinton turned to David Letterman.


Meanwhile, GOP hopeful Huckabee appeared confused over which of the two late-night hosts had reached a separate deal with the union representing striking TV and movie writers.

Huckabee said he supports the writers and did not think he would be crossing a picket line, because he believed the writers had made an agreement to allow late-night shows on the air. That’s not the case with Leno, and pickets outside Leno’s Burbank, Calif., studio targeted Huckabee.

“Huckabee is a scab,” read one picket sign.

A “Tonight” show spokeswoman said Huckabee was still booked for the appearance on the eve of the Iowa caucus.

That’s from an Associated Press story published a few hours ago.

Seriously, this guy wants to be responsible for the lives and livelihoods of 300 million Americans, but remains oblivious to one of the most pressing and discussed issues of the day across much of America? Yes, I agree that the writer’s strike is truly a non-story, but I’m clearly in the minority there (as in so many other places). And if Huckabee supports the strikers then what the hell is he doing crossing the picket line? It’s really not a difficult stance to make. If you support unions, you don’t cross their picket lines, especially when you’re a high profile newsmaker.

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