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Q. How many online earnings programs get international news thanks to the BBC Technology pages?

A. Very, very few.

But Yuwie received that honor a few weeks ago. In an article titled Should you get paid to Facebook?, the BBC gave a full account of Yuwie and how the program works-

In what could be the first example of social networking meeting e-commerce, Yuwie‘s founder Korry Rogers says he will give members more than half of the site’s advertising revenue – just for logging on and inviting their friends.

“The whole goal of Yuwie is for people to get paid for what they’re doing already,” he told the BBC News website.

Mr Rogers, 33, says some of Yuwie‘s members are earning between £200 and £250 a month, although payments “fluctuate”.

Yuwie users get paid every time they log on, send a message, upload a picture or invite someone to join.”

“If someone only refers three of their friends, who refer three of their friends through 10 levels, that one person will collect a percentage of advertising revenues from about 88,000 end-users, which could be about $8,800 [£4,427] per month for that person.”

Although I think Yuwie compares much more closely to MySpace than Facebook, that may just be because Facebook refuses to allow me to become a member and explore their actual offerings. Regardless, press like this is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been predicting for Yuwie for quite some time. It really is revolutionizing Web 2.0 and I’m glad I got in on the ground floor. The elevator’s rising quickly, but there’s still a chance to take advantage of this article (and the future articles that are likely on the horizon) if you sign up now. Remember, make sure your Yuwie referrer is listed as Aahz, drop me a note inside Yuwie and I’ll share plenty of ways to increase your earnings.

Part of the Yuwie Series - Previous in series        Next in series

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