Jan 012008

A few week’s back I shared Z’s first experience as an eBay seller. Well, today, she and I headed to a real life auction to experience the tradition first hand. I had received a flyer from Somerset Auctions a few days earlier announcing that they would be holding a New Year’s Day auction a mere block from my house. It seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.

Z and I arrived a few minutes before the preview period was to begin, signed up for our bidding paddle and started to peruse the large selection of items available. The bulk of the items were furniture, with a large selection of artwork (paintings, bronze sculptures, and porcelain trinkets), and a few lots of fine jewelry, luggage, and Persian rugs thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the auctioneer’s name, but he was both professional and entertaining as he worked his way through several hundred random lots. Apparently the holiday crowd in our small town wasn’t willing to invest as much as he expected on many items, so he would pepper his bid calling with lines like “You do realize you’re bidding on this antique Jade sculpture, right?” and similar queries to affirm what an amazing deal the current high bidder was about to walk away with.

The showpiece of the auction was an antique A. Schreiber baby grand piano that sold for a mere $2,500! Man I wish I had more expendable income (not to mention space in my house). There was some really cool art available as well that I would have loved to have hanging here in The Caverns, but with holiday and amusement park expenses I just didn’t have the expendable cash at hand despite the great deals.

Z seemed fascinated by the entire process, however, and we did each place a few bids though we didn’t really come very close to winning anything with our limited budget. She claims to have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, so perhaps we shall be attending future auctions as well. Maybe even with some extra cash to bring home a prize or two.

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  1. If your items don’t sell at the auction, does a person have to take back the items?

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