Jan 012008

EDIT 12/15/08- Not wanting to split my series into yet another year I figured out a way to display longer lists in a post using an iframe, so this post is no longer relevant (though the links still work!)

This post is simply a bookmark of sorts.  My Applied Anarchy Series was merely getting too large for listing in each post, so I’ve decided to split the series into sections with an index of sorts to the previous section being the first post of the new section.

So, here are the links to every Applied Anarchy post in 2007-

  1. What Is Applied Anarchy?
  2. Applied Anarchy – One Way I Legally Avoid Taxes
  3. Applied Anarchy: Financial Security Without Fiat Currency
  4. Practicing What We Preach
  5. Applied Anarchy: Why Anarchists Should Vote For Ron Paul
  6. Applied Anarchy – Parking Meters
  7. Applied Anarchy – Minimizing Your Income Tax Burden
  8. Sales Tax and Couponing For Cash
  9. Applied Anarchy – 12 Steps To Recovery
  10. Money Makes The World Go Round
  11. Doing Away With Fiat Currency
  12. Applied Anarchy – Free Market Health Care
  13. Applied Anarchy – Listen To Your Kids
  14. Happy Birthday Comrade Kropotkin!

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