Dec 272007

It’s always a struggle trying to educate people when it comes to politics and government. Although it’s often easier to educate children because they haven’t been quite as brainwashed by the state (yet), the conversations tend to be quite different. Today, Jim Pontillo from the formykountry blog, gives us a great example.

The bulk of the post relates his tale of woe at being regularly defeated at Halo 3 by the neighbor’s 12 year old. Once he finally achieves a victory the kid calls him “a heartless conservative”. Here’s Jim’s chance. He quickly explains to Little Brandon that if they were playing by “Liberal Rules” then Brandon (since he’s better) would have to give one point of every three he earns to Jim, the oppressed minority seeking to improve his lot in life .. er .. game. Brandon, of course, calls this cheating and storms off home.

While the story is both entertaining and (a bit) heartwarming, Jim seems to have either missed the point himself or just have a rather large blind spot. After all, it’s the so-called conservative Republicans who have grown the government by leaps and bounds over the last several decades, not the liberal Democrats. George W. Bush has overseen the largest growth in the federal government since it was first founded more than 200 years ago, not to mention taken away far more rights than any other single individual.

Taxes aren’t a result of liberal thought, but rather of government itself. If you really want to live (or play) fair, you need to get rid of government all together. Brandon clearly understands this as he rightly calls the point tax unfair. Now if only he could find a way to show that to Jim…

  2 Responses to “XBOX As A Tool Of Political Education”

  1. Now that\’s something to chew on! Thanks for the informative post.. and thanks for adding our comment to the blog. I am subscribing to your feed so I don?t miss the next post!

  2. The story of Jim is really very entertaining and heartwarming.But for all people it do not happened in such way.Sometimes it can be pathetic.In order to know the activities of government one have to know the political science.Besides people should learn political science to provide their basic needs and their doings to the state.

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