Dec 252007

Another Christmas successfully concluded. Well, for me at least. See, Z’s Christmas tradition is to spend the day with family friends at their Christmas and that just doesn’t seem right to me, so I spend most of Christmas Day alone. I got up early and headed over to her house for Santa gifts and stockings. Z got a new camera, so we have a few test pictures.

I actually got my gifts from the kids last night. Z made me this sweet mug! It says I [heart] Dad on one side, Aahz on the other side, and Hi! inside for when you finish your drink 8) She’s really a sweet kid at times. Their family also got me a 50 HorrorClassics DVD set. Oh and Rover wasn’t left out either! He got a shiny chrome license plate from that says Cows Say Oink – Fight The Cowspiracy

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  2. Hey, that mug rocks! I love it. I’m looking forward to the first piece of pottery my little one makes for me. She gave me a paper ornament last year, but this year she moved up to a couple of beaded candy cane ornaments. Sky’s the limit. 😉

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