Dec 202007

Although spam is generally abhorred online, direct mail is still a powerful marketing tool for both your online and offline business endeavors. I’ve written about the power of an accurate and complete mailing list before here on Philaahzophy, so I’m just gonna cut to the chase on this one – GuaranteedTM Lists offers not just one, but two guarantees on all of their telemarketing and mailing lists. Regardless of whether you’re looking for consumer lists, mortgage lists, or business lists and leads, they’ve got you covered. They even have dozens of different specialty lists to more accurately target your clientèle: dentists, mail order/catalog buyers, travel enthusiasts, registered nurses, sole proprietorships, even specialized lists for specific ailments. But that’s far from the best thing about GuaranteedTM Lists.

No, the best part is right there in their name: GuaranteedTM Lists, because they offer not one, but two rock solid guarantees-

  1. 100% Quality Guarantee – We guarantee you will receive accurate, high quality data. If your list fails to deliver, we will replace the unsuccessful data with new data at no cost! We work hard to produce the best data, so you can enjoy the best results possible.
  2. Price Guarantee – With GuaranteedTM Lists there is no need to shop around. We have the Lowest List Prices Guaranteed. We will beat any competitor’s price! If you already have a quote from another company fax to 818-713-1504 and we will beat it.

Of course, as you well know, anyone can say anything they want on the internet. What really matters is whether or not they can actually deliver on their promises. Well, GuaranteedTM Lists has been delivering on their promises for more than 10 years now. They’re also a member of the Direct Marketing Association of Southern California (DMAsc), formerly the Los Angeles Direct Marketing Association (LADMA).

In addition to their Price Guarantee, they also always offer non-profit organizations a 10% discount off all orders, are currently offering a 20% discount (off $1,000+ orders) to all new customers, not to mention their Preferred Customer Program for those who frequently buy fresh lists, buy large lists, or refer other customers to GuaranteedTM Lists. If you’ve already got a quote from another mailing list supplier, do yourself a favor and fax it over to GuaranteedTM Lists before placing your order. i think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their response.

If you’re new to direct marketing or have questions you can call GuaranteedTM Lists for help in finding whatever information you’re seeking, or take advantage of the live list advisor chat service right on their website at

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