Dec 202007

I’m not normally much of a fan of either music or Christmas, but I heard this the other day on the Greg Kihn show and absolutely had to have it-






  5 Responses to “Christmas Music That ROCKS!”

  1. ho ho ho holy shit…

    this song makes me honey for santa

    Ste. Goldies last blog post..THE SEXIEST INDIE MUSICIAN GUY IN PORTLAND 2008

  2. Well said, Ste. Goldie!

    Am I reading my stats correct? Did you come to this post from the front page of MySpace?

  3. i’m meant HORNEY damn! My friend Ben Meyercord posted it as a comment on my page You might get some hits from: http://crappyindiemusic.blogsp.....santa.html I blogged it.

    ALSO — I am dying. I want to know who did the song you have posted of the Dy’er Mak’er redo…

    Ste. Goldies last blog post..this song makes me horny for Santa

  4. dam! i meant HORNY — I am going crazy today 🙂

  5. It’s by a DJ named Bob Rivers on KZOK. You can check out a lot more of his work at;Page=2

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