Dec 192007

Ring, Ring


It’s Z

Hi Kitten. What’s up?

I’m just calling to let you know I won’t be coming over this weekend.

[sigh] Why not?

Because I’m going shopping with Mommy and A. Christmas shopping.


Alright. Luv you.



Sure Christmas vacation starts tomorrow afternoon, so there’s no school Friday. Sure I’ve got the legal right to see her for 3 1/2 days each week she’s not in school. Sure Saturday morning breakfast with Z is my favorite time each week, and she’s well aware that its the thing I most look forward to, the thing that keeps me going week in and week out. But none of that matters since I cancelled the Christmas trip. She’d rather use the excuse of a few hours shopping then spend any part of the full 72 hours in the weekend with her Dad.

I knew it would happen. It’s not a surprise in the least. But it’s still depressing as hell. Is it ironic or just insult to injury that I had to step away from prepping her eBay packages for shipping to answer her phone call? I’m dutifully completing the commitments she made to her buyers while she’s ripping my heart out over the phone. It’s just further proof that all I am to her is a walking wallet. A ticket to fun times and free stuff. Now that the gravy train has stopped she has no desire to see me at all. Any old excuse will do.

So much for my “Father of the Year” award… 😥

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