Dec 192007

Wow! I leave the house for less than three hours and return to find that not only has Philaahzophy’s traffic more than doubled for the day, but it’s almost entirely from one source: StumbleUpon. Roughly 40 people an hour have been visiting last night’s How I Know I’m Still Passing PageRank and they’re still coming! Wow!

I gotta say I’m impressed. I’ve largely ignored StumbleUpon as I just don’t “get” it. The idea of going to random pages on the ‘net just doesn’t appel to me that much. Of course, not one of those visiting from StumbleUpon have left a comment, fewer than 5 have even clicked over to even a single other entry here, and they don’t seem to have followed any ads on their way out either. But its usefulness as a traffic driver has just become incredibly evident to me. Sure, it’s ‘hit and run’ traffic, but even that has some value and you never know who’s going to stumble by and become intrigued.

I headed over to StumbleUpon itself to try and see who originally stumbled my post, how many have given me a thumbs up or a thumbs down since, etc and can’t even seem to find my post listed there. It clearly is, but I can’t seem to find it, so how are all of these other people finding it? I have so many question! Any chance someone can point me to the online equivalent of StumbleUpon For Dummies? I’ve got an account there, and the Firefox toolbar for thumbing things, but beyond that, I’m lost…

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  1. I signed onto Stumbleupon about a week ago, but when I tried to download the toolbar required, I started getting a message regarding a runtime error and IE closed down. Then I was unable to open IE at all without getting that message. I had to restore my computer to an earlier date to get rid of it. Tried it again, and the same thing happened, so I have been unable to use the service.

    As far as people leaving comments, I debated leaving a message because your comment box requires my email address. Something I am extremely hesitant in leaving.

    Best wishes

    searchingwithin’s last blog post..An Epiphany Long Overdue

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your problems with the StumbleUpon toolbar. Personally, I use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, so can’t really help you with that. I’m sure if you poke around at StumbleUpon a bit though you’ll find an answer to the dilemma.

    I hadn’t really considered requiring an email address as an impediment to commenting. It’s not publicly displayed and really serves no purpose for me either, so I’ve gone ahead and removed that requirement. It was really just on by default anyway. Thanx for the advice!

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