Dec 192007

I’ve written here a few times about the possibility of earning a college degree online. Every time I get comments and/or emails from people telling me that no one has any respect for online universities, so they’re a waste of time and money. Well, tell that to Teresa Chaulk. She was recently named superintendent of Lincoln County School District Number One in Kemmerer, Wyoming and earned her PhD through the online degree program at Capella University (which I wrote about just yesterday).

Kemmerer is a small town and there isn’t a PhD program within 100 miles of there, but the internet and Capella University allowed her to not only earn an accredited degree online, but continue with her job at the School District in the meantime. She’s been there for nearly a decade now and had risen as high as she could without the doctorate. As she said in the press release-

“It really is a wonderful opportunity to have a reputable online degree program for people like me who are working full time and who would not be able to pursue a PhD otherwise.”

So that’s one less excuse in your basket, folx. What’s keeping you from moving forward with your educational goals?

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