Dec 182007

I’m always checking out new ways to be more efficient and effective on the ‘net. This not only means reading about various new programs, but also trying them out. Few of these items get enough use for me to remember them, much less write about them here at Philaahzophy. However, these three all seem here to stay, so it’s time to share them with y’all…

  1. GravatarGravatar stands for globally recognized avatar. This is essentially an avatar (the small pic used to identify you on various web sites and forums) that can be pulled automatically pulled from the gravatar site and used to graphically identify you. I’ve even added a gravatar plugin to Philaahzophy, so if you have a (non-x rated) gravatar it should show up next to any comments you make here without you ever having to register for an account here. I, personally, use the Nosferatu image at right everywhere I roam the web.
  2. Clicky – Billing themselves as Web Analytics 2.0 I found Clicky through the PPP forums. I’ve only been using them for about a week, but I’m definitely hooked. They provide all the information Google Analytics does, plus much more, and all in a much nicer user interface. Stats are updated in near real-time and make it incredibly easy to see exactly what’s bringing visitors to your site, what they’re doing while there, and where they go when they leave.
  3. FilterMyRSS – I don’t check my RSS reader very often because I’m more of a spontaneous reader then a regular one, but I understand their usefulness for many people. FilterMyRSS has me checking my reader much more often, however.
    Essentially, this novel tool allows you to self-filter RSS feeds provided from other websites. Let’s use Philaahzophy as an example. I write about a LOT of different topics here and many may not interest you (GASP!) So, if you only want to read my political posts, for example, you can visit FilterMyRSS, enter my feed address, enter the term government in the keywords box, and select Description. Then you copy the newly provided feed address into your reader. Simple as pie. No registration, no accounts to track, and you can set up as many feeds as you want, all tailored specifically to your needs!

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