Dec 172007
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I mentioned earlier today that I’ve started to consider changing website hosting companies. This may actually be my shortest service search in history thanks to Top Hosting Center and their Rudolf plan. This is truly an amazing introductory offer…

  • $95 one-time fee gets hosting for life
  • One free domain for life
  • 250GB disk storage
  • 3000GB monthly transfer
  • All the standard bells and whistles (emails, sub-domains, MySQL databases, etc) with unlimited access
  • 24/7 support
  • 30-day money back guarantee

While working on this post I dropped them an email to see if they allow the running of cron jobs (don’t worry if you don’t know what that is) because its one of the limitations of my current host (I can’t run them here) and that’s been a bit of a hassle. Within literally two minutes I received a friendly response confirming that you can! Excellent!

Anyway, I lost my train of thought there for a moment…. Oh yeah…

If you’re thinking to yourself “this is too good to be true”, you’re not alone. But, as always, you need to determine what you’re actually risking. In this case it’s only $95 for lifetime hosting. And this idea isn’t exactly unprecedented. I signed on with my current host, 1and1, when they first arrived on the American web hosting scene about five years ago. Why? Because they were offering three years of service for absolutely nothing. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try and received three years of excellent service for absolutely nothing. Now that I’m paying for the same plan I was getting for free I’m feeling its limitations a little more, hence the shopping around for something new. But I’m convinced that Rudolph and Top Hosting Center are my answer.

The plan regularly costs $4.95/month (not a bad deal in and of itself), so as long as THC survives for 20 months (until July 2008) I’ll be in the black. Am I taking a chance in dropping $95 in advance? Sure am. But I think it’s one whose dividends will be paying for years to come. My only concern now is that they don’t sell out the 1,000 available Rudolph plans before I can get my monthly paycheck into the bank tomorrow evening.

Part of the Top Hosting Center Series -        Next in series

  5 Responses to “Is My Website Hosting Search Over Already?”

  1. Aahz, you’ve got it bang on. We work very hard at keeping our customers happy and satisfied with our products. A quick correction if I may? It’s actually a 30 day money back guarantee !! That’s what happens when you type too quickly 😉

    Sorry about your vacation cancellation. As for Z, she’s just a kid who probably loves you to the ends of the earth. They just don’t say it as often when they get a little older or show it for that matter, but they do, trust me! ..and that Led Zep song DOES rock ! Where did you get it?? So much to say, so little time…Happy Blogging and Happy Holidays


  2. Ack! Of course it’s 30-days. I fixed that in the original post. I’ve placed my order and am just waiting for everything to get set up. Expect another post later this evening once I can get into the account.

    Thanks for the kind words. The song’s called “Sled Zeppelin”, but that’s about all I know 😉

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