Dec 152007
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I haven’t written about Yuwie lately, but this week’s announcement is an excellent reason to do so. They just announced their highest RSR (Revenue Sharing Rate) to date – $0.54! That’s more than 50% higher than last month’s $0.35 (which was their lowest thus far). The RSR is the amount that Yuwie pays out for each 1000 page views. The RSR is then divided amongst the 10 people in the page owner’s upline with 10% ($0.054 in November) going to the person owning the page. So if your page had 1000 views in November you would receive $0.054, the person who referred you would receive $0.054, and so on, up the line. As you can see, earning on Yuwie isn’t so much about your personal activity as it is about your referrals (and their refs, and their refs, etc) activity. That’s why I can actually earn there despite abhoring social networking sites like MySpace. Of course, the more you participate in Yuwie yourself, the better you’ll be able to find direct referrals as well. If you click on the screenshot on the right you’ll see my actual earnings for November.

I’ve been involved with Yuwie since August and have earned just under $20 thus far. That may not seem like much, but bear the following in mind: 1) I’m horrible at getting referrals, and 2) I almost never do anything at Yuwie other than check in to see how my referral tree is growing. The screenshot to the left shows exactly how my referral tree has grown. Pay particular attention to the fact that I’ve only directly referred nine people, yet still have a tree consisting of 1,767! Even more impressive is that of my nine direct referrals, only two have had a single direct referral. That shows just how easy it is to earn at Yuwie even if you aren’t great at getting refs. If you follow one of my links to join (and make sure it says “referrer Aahz”), then send me a message from within Yuwie I’ll even help promote your referral link to help you get started!

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