Dec 142007

A couple of days ago my new image host, ShareAPic, asked “What do you want us to develop next?” As much as I love getting paid to allow them to host my images, they’ve still got a long way to go. Here’s my Top 10 list-

  1. Allow captions for images. Not only does this make the entire site more friendly to visitors, but these could also be used as the ALT text on the thumbnails. This would also help Google Image Search index the pictures generating more views for all.
  2. Speaking of thumbnails – allow different sizes. I’d frequently like to include larger thumbs in my blog posts.
  3. Secure (star out) the password on the Mass Upload Tool. Leaving it in visible plain text is just ridiculous.
  4. Allow gallery creation from the Mass Upload Tool.
  5. Start splitting pages. The My Galleries page doesn’t need to be that long and is being dynamically generated anyway, so there’s no reason not to split it. Even more important, though is splitting the Gallery pages themselves. Many of my galleries have over 200 images and they should be viewable on 25-50 image pages.
  6. Allow visitor comments or ratings on individual image pages.
  7. Sub-galleries. I cover a lot of topics and allowing many of my visitors are only interested in one or two.
  8. Longer log-in cookie time. I’m constantly having to log back in when working at ShareAPic.
  9. Ability to easily move an image from one gallery to another.
  10. Zip upload. Even with the Mass Upload Tool pictures frequently get skipped. Allowing us to upload a zip file would negate this problem entirely.
  11. BONUS! A WordPress plugin to dynamically create a photo galleries page like this one.

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  1. thanks for those advices. Some of them I can implement myself in my free image host website,

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