Dec 142007

About three weeks ago the brakes on my ’89 Ford Bronco (affectionately named Rover) started making noises to let me know they needed some work. I’ve had other noisy brakes in the past and figured I could make it to payday, which is the 19th – next Wednesday. I was wrong 🙁

This morning while running the kids to school the brakes started grabbing and pulling my off course. I returned home convinced that I’d need to take it in to the shop today and started rearranging things so that could happen. I was really hoping the $200 in the bank would cover the cost, but doubting it would. I parked at home to pick up my roommate/client to take him grocery shopping. Since my usual repair place is in the same lot as our Safeway (and it’s only a half-mile away) I figured I’d drive him up there and we’d just walk back (which takes about 40 minutes due to his mobility issues). It was the only solution I could find.

After explaining all of this to him I went to pull Rover around and the front left tire wouldn’t move at all. It was essentially being dragged. After a little research and a trip to the auto repair street across the street (literally less than 100 yards away by foot) there was no other solution available but to have Rover towed across the street. Pushing it was impossible with the tire not turning and forcing it to drive over (about 400 yards due to driveways, etc), could theoretically wreak all kinds of additional havoc. So the tow cost me $65.

They called me about an hour ago to tell me that my entire front brakes need to be replaced (pads, rotors, calipers, whatever) at a cost of about $800! I checked around a few places and although I could save $150 or so I’d still have to pay these guys the $50 for diagnostic, not to mention have it towed again. I’ve got no choice. I need my car both for work and to see my daughter. So I told them to go ahead and do the work while I tried to find the money.

My boss doesn’t know if they can spot me an advance because he’s tight until they get their revenue in from our clients. And there’s really nowhere else to turn. The California government, in its infinite wisdom (read: mother role) has decreed that the largest payday loan I can get is $255. That won’t cut it. I’ve got around $150 in the bank right now, $137 being transferred out of one PayPal account (which won’t arrive ’til Monday evening), around $275 going into another PayPal account thanks to Z’s eBay auctions (which I won’t be able to get transferred (thus access) until Monday or Tuesday), and a $3000 paycheck that won’t do me any good until Wednesday. I only needed 5 more days!!

Obviously this is a little karmic (carmic?) bitchslap for actually spending $400 on a “new” computer and $150 on my day trip to ride X at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Had I been able to save that cash instead of indulge myself with a few luxuries I wouldn’t be worrying about covering this bill today. As it is I’m left hoping an $800 miracle occurs in the next three and a half hours. If not, then Rover will be locked up all weekend and possibly until I can actually get my paycheck cashed on Wednesday.


I’ve hardly spent any money on myself this year, but I suppose I should have known better than to do so without a clean grand sittin’ in the bank. I simply don’t know what to do…

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