Dec 142007

A large portion of the blogosphere (as well as many non-blogging readers) are pretty fed up with Google lately. Many bloggers and webmasters have removed the Adsense ads from their sites and replaced them with alternative ad suppliers. Which means if you’re paying for PPC through Adsense then you’re not getting the same reach you once were. And if you’re fed up with Google then you’re probably looking for a new PPC advertising broker anyway.

Well, today I just discovered Adknowledge. I’m going to be trying them out for some of my other web-based projects and they’re so confident that you’ll prefer them to either Google Adsense or the Yahoo! Publisher Network that they’re willing to give you $50 in FREE PPC Advertising! Considering their prices are up to 30% lower than either Google or Yahoo! that’s like receiving $65 from either of those companies. Overall they’re better, leaner, and more efficient than the Google behemoth and they’re willing to give you $50 worth of free clicks just for trying them out.

Even without this special, limited time, offer I’d happily recommend Adknowledge. They’re currently serving ads for more than 50,000 advertisers in 1,200 targeted niche categories, they’re exclusive Click Scoring® technology automatically removes fraudulent clicks from thousands of traffic sources, and their automatic real-time optimization algorithms filter clicks based on time-of-day in order to deliver more consistent traffic without affecting the return on your investment (ROI). There is PPC life beyond Adsense and with $50 worth of free advertising being offered, there’s no reason for anyone to not try the next big thing in online advertising.

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