Dec 132007

A couple months back X decided to do some Spring Cleaning (yeah, it was autumn, but this is California 😉 ) so I decided to help clear the clutter by offering to help Z sell a bunch of her stuff on eBay. When Z and I first got back together a couple years back I asked what she enjoyed doing and she replied: scrapbooking. So, we purchased I went shopping for rubber stamps, paper punches, decorative edgers, and general scrapbooking supplies. Never one to do things halfway she ended up with a closet full of the stuff, most of which never got used and has just been sitting for 24 months.

Two weekends ago we finally got around to getting things ready for eBay.

Okay, Mama Kangaroo is neither a scrapbooking supply nor up for auction, but she sure is fuzzy! Last weekend she (Z, not Mama Kangaroo) spent all two and a half days with me writing up and posting 78 scrapbooking auctions which start ending in a few hours and complete entirely tomorrow at 5:00pm. All of the auctions were started at $0.99 and as of right now 53 of them will sell, 100 bids have been entered and Z’s total profit $90.67. She says it was “totally” worth the work, even though we’re confident she’ll be breaking the $100 mark by tomorrow evening. Saturday she’s got the whole day set aside (not to mention missing a friends slumber birthday party) to get everything packaged up and ready for shipping. We’ll see how she feels with that end of the work…

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