Dec 122007

A quick welcome to all the educators and homeschoolers who are visiting today thanks to the inclusion of my Parent Teacher Conference Meat Market post being included in the Carnival of Education! If you’ve got a second I’ve got some some questions for y’all.

I’ve begun seriously considering homeschooling my 11 year old daughter, Z. She’s been in public school since kindergarten and I simply can’t afford private school as much as I wish that I could. I do, however, work from home so have plenty of time and energy. My primary fear is that although I’m generally considered an intelligent and well-informed person I don’t have a broad enough background in science and math to serve Z well as a teacher. Socialization and friendships are my second largest concern. Any links to your blogs or other sources on the web that could aid in building my own homeschooling abilities would be VERY much appreciated.

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