Dec 112007
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In the process of implementing the newly installed In Series WordPress plugin here at Philaahzophy I realized that not only do I already have a dozen entries in my Applied Anarchy series, but I never really explained what the label itself means. This series is essentially a response to all of the anarchists, agorists, libertarians and general freedom lovers who are wondering what they, themselves, can do right now to step closer to a life of genuine freedom. These posts are the ones where we step away from anarchist theory and towards anarchy in practice.

I’m always seeking ways to separate myself from the yoke of government and these posts are my way of sharing those attempts (both successful and not) with y’all. I’ll also share what others are doing to live a life of freedom in hopes that y’all can learn to find freedom of your own. If you’ve got a suggestion or tip for stepping outside of governmental control in the here and now, please comment and/or drop me an email.

Part of the Applied Anarchy Series -        Next in series

  2 Responses to “What Is Applied Anarchy?”

  1. Wow! I was going to do an entry on this very subject, and I will add take some of your suggestions and credit you for them.

  2. I look forward to seeing your thoughts, Francois!

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