Dec 102007

If you’ve been in the Get Paid To world for more than a few months your answer should certainly be: probably. As my regular readers know I’m not much of a fan of Get Paid To Sign Up sites for a number of reasons. My primary reason is that I understand the other side of the GPT equation. However, I know many of you are devotees of the GPT world, so I’m still happy to bring you the latest news and safety measures in the GPT industry.

The latest tip comes, once again, from MrGPT

I’m always looking to find reputable GPT sites that pay their members, and a few weeks ago I found a simple “trick” that I call the Shiftcode trick to see how much money a site has paid out, if any. I call it the Shiftcode trick because it only works on Shiftcode.


So, what’s the trick? The trick is actually pretty simple. All you do is add “/members/withdraw/list.php” to the end of the URL. Let’s take for example. If you simply add “/members/withdraw/list.php” to the end of that link (which gives you, you will notice that it will bring you up to a page that lists all the members that have been approved for their cashout at the site. If you add up all the withdrawals, you will see that CashNinjas does not fake their stats.

This is just a simple little trick that can be used. If you see a site claims to have paid $3,000, but then you go to their withdraw list and see they’ve only paid out $500, you know their lying. I would advise you to stay away from sites like these.

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  1. Thanks for the link :).
    You have a great blog!

  2. Great Blog posts! Giving me second thoughts about new GPT’s!

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