Dec 102007

For the last few months I’ve been billing around 550 hours per month at my day job. As a in-home caregiver I don’t get overtime pay, nor am I limited to a 40 hour work week. I can (and occasionally do) work a full 24 hours in a single day. And yet, I’ve still found myself seeking Unsecured Personal Loans each and every month. Despite the bad taste my blogging about my personal experiences with Bad Credit Loans has left in some reader’s mouths (eyes?), Philaahzophy exists primarily as a personal blog for me to share the reality of my life with my daughter (who can’t live with me full time). Not blogging about a regular occurance in my life would be antithetical to the very purpose of this blog. However….

I’m proud to say that, for the first time in about six months I will not be seeking a Payday Loan this month! WooHoo!! Despite all the hours being billed at my day job, it was really the temporary spike in my Google PageRank that allowed me this freedom, along with the gracious advertisers who have continued to support both myself as an individual and Philaahzophy as a medium. Thank you to you all!

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